Customs office

  • All parcels to receivers in Europe go through customs clearance in Poland.

  • EU law says one person can receive goods with a declared value of up to CAD $50.00 per shipment without having to pay any duties or taxes.

  • If you send 2 packages to the 1 receiver and the combined value of the packages is greater than $50, then duties and taxes will apply.

  • If you declare a parcel to have a value over $50.00 then you need to inform the receiver of the package that duties and taxes will need to be paid in order to clear the goods.

the customs office
  • If the parcel is stopped for clearance by the customs authorities in Poland (which typically happens if the declared value of the parcel is over CAD $50.00), the recipient will receive a customs authorization form which they will need to fill out and declare the value and contents of the package.

  • The recipient then sends it back to the customs agency with a copy of their ID.

  • The customs agency will then assess the value of the parcels and make a decision as to how much duties and taxes must be paid in order to release the goods.

  • The custom agency will also charge a minimum administrative fee of 145 Polish zloty for their work and a banking fee in order to clear and release the goods.

  • Customs services reserve the right to open and inspect any and all packages which appear at their borders.

  • Your parcel may be subject to additional fees and fines if the declared contents and value do not match the actual contents and value of the parcel

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