Weight and Dimension (for parcels to Europe):

  • Maximum weight for a parcel to Poland is 70 kg and to countries other than Poland is 30 kg. (Some restriction may apply)
  • Minimum chargeable weight is 1 kg (parcels weighing less will be charged at 1 kg).
  • No dimension shall exceed 120 cm
  • The sum total of dimensions shall not exceed 220 cm
  • For parcels to Poland over 30 kg, an extra charge of $10 for every 10kg applies
Maximum Wight and Dimensions

Special handling

If the parcel is bigger/heavier than above, please contact us.
Parcels heavier than 30 kg will be delivered to the front of the building, not up the stairs*

Chargeable weight:

The price per kg is based on the Chargeable Weight of the parcel. The Chargeable Weight is the greater of the Actual Weight (ie. weight on the scale) or the Volumetric/Dimensional Weight (ie. dimensions of the package) of the parcel, whichever is the greater.

To calculate the chargeable weight:


Weigh the parcel using a scale to get the Actual weight


Calculate the Volumetric Weight/Dimensional Weight of the parcel: Width x height x length (cm)/ 6000


Chargeable weight = whichever of the two is greater (Actual Weight vs. Volumetric Weight/Dimensional Weight)

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